Atalanta vs Lazio: How to watch on TV, streaming on Sky or Dazn

Atalanta vs Lazio is a match valid for day number 27 of the 2019/2020 Serie A football championship. The game will be shown on TV on the SKY platform on 24-06-2020 at 21:45. The game will be streamed for Sky subscribers on Sky Go, which allows you to watch Sky programs on PC and mobile devices.

How to Watch Atalanta vs Lazio on TV

Also this year the live TV and streaming of the Serie A championship match Atalanta vs Lazio are exclusively on Sky and Dazn. To see all the matches of the maximum football championship, you must sign up for a subscription with the pay-TV holders of the rights. This is to watch them live on TV and to watch them streaming on fixed and mobile devices.

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The formula is the same as last year: for each shift Sky transmits 7 games out of 10, while the remaining 3 games are transmitted by the Dazn platform. More specifically, among the 7 races per week broadcast by Sky there will be: Saturday’s advances at 15.00 and 18.00, two races on Sunday at 15.00, one on Sunday at 18.00, the evening delay on Sunday at 20.45 and that of Monday at the same time.

The Dazn package includes: the advances on Saturday evening, the match at 12.30 on Sunday and a match with kick-off at 15.00 on Sunday. Obviously changes in the Serie A calendar, and consequently in the Sky and Dazn schedules, are foreseen in the cases of midweek shifts or concomitance between league games and international commitments of Juventus, Inter, Naples, Atalanta and Rome. Recall that DAZN is a platform that allows you to connect up to 6 devices and watch games streamed on 2 devices simultaneously, provided they are connected to the internet.

The complete list of devices can be consulted on the DAZN website. The subscription to Sky allows you to watch the games also on mobile support. To evaluate the packages offered by the two players, better consult the websites: and

There are also, as known, many sites that broadcast matches. Mostly, however, these are pirate sites that the judicial authorities remove very frequently, so it is not recommended to watch the streaming games in this way. It will be possible, as always, to follow the live broadcast of Atalanta vs Lazio on Virgilio Sport. The link to the live will be inserted one hour before the match.