Towards the Coppa Italia final, Napoli vs Juventus 2020

Things to know ahead of Napoli vs Juventus, the strange final of the Coppa Italia (huh?) Four days after the resumption of Serie A

The first trophy among the five most important European football leagues will be awarded tomorrow, Wednesday 17 June, at the Olympic Stadium in Rome. Napoli and Juventus will compete for the 73rd edition of the Coppa Italia, which started almost a year ago, suspended from mid-February to early June and then ended in just six days in order not to hinder the resumption of Serie A.

In the semifinals played over the weekend, Juventus and Napoli eliminated Milan and Inter without clamor. In Rome, they will find themselves in the final for the second time in the history of the national cup, in a game that in the last ten years has become the “classic” of the Italian championship. With a victory Napoli could remedy the disappointing season had so far, marked by the change of manager; Juventus could get their first title with coach Maurizio Sarri, looking forward to the championship and the Champions League.

Juventus will fly to Rome today and return to Turin as soon as the final is over. Napoli instead will travel the same day. All the security measures provided for by the government-approved FIGC protocol will be implemented at the Olympic Stadium. It will be played without an audience and in the three areas in which the Olimpico was divided, more than three hundred people, including teams, will not be admitted. The ceremonies before the kick-off and the awards at the end of the game will be reduced to a minimum and all authorized persons will have to abide by the distance rules whenever possible.

In the event of a tie in regular times, penalties will be taken directly: overtime has been eliminated to save minutes of play in view of the demanding resumption of the championship, where it will be played every three days. For the same reason, teams can replace up to five players on the pitch in no more than three game breaks.

In the semifinals not much was seen from the teams, considering the over ninety days of suspension of activities and the past weeks without being able to organize training. Against Milan, after the 1-1 of the first leg, Juventus needed a draw without goals to qualify for the final, and that result obtained, without however putting Milan in difficulty, remaining with one less player after just a quarter henceforth and therefore harmless throughout the game. Napoli, on the other hand, had to defend the 1-0 away victory: it went at a disadvantage after two minutes and managed to recover by the end of the first half. In the second half he suffered the attacks of Inter and risked taking the second goal, but managed to resist the draw.

Napoli vs Juventus will be broadcast live by Rai on Rai 1 starting at 20.30 with the comment of Alberto Rimedio and Antonio Di Gennaro. During the final, Coca-Cola will also become the new main sponsor of the competition. After the Super Cup last December and the role of official partner of Serie A, the American multinational has in fact decided to expand its collaboration with the Italian football championship.